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Intro to investor presentation

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

With the increasing pace and competitiveness of business ventures, an effective investor presentation is one of the critical success factors in the fund raising process.
Presentations are both an art and a science as they are critical to getting the story in place and telling your vision. In today’s busy business environment, investors don’t have the time and focus to read lengthy business plans. In many cases it all comes down to a 10 or 20 slides deck that the entrepreneur gets to present to the busy investors or in some cases the investors would require the entrepreneur to send the slides deck for them to review ahead of time.
A presentation serves a very different purpose from a written business plan report – it is far more than just another vehicle for information. A presentation allows an audience to gain knowledge by watching, listening and being inspired by the presenter. Smart entrepreneurs and company managers would want to influence the way investors feel about a certain message with a careful mix of content and delivery. The investor presentation essentially becomes the doorway to the investor, the primary tool that gets the entrepreneur the first ability to articulate the message.

Some additional helpful sites for investor presentations

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

For those of you which are interested in finding additional information about investor presentations we would recommend to explore this issue in two roots:

  • Sites which can provide professional information about investor presentations
  • Sites that can assist with graphical designs

For professional investor presentation guidelines we would recommend to visit the following sites:

Some additional investor presentation info can be found at Q&A site such as or

As for graphical design, we would recommend you to visit .

The difference between investor presentation for mature companies and start ups

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Here is the key differentiator between start up’s and mature companies: start ups are based on a dream they can get significant market through competitive advantage which is based on three main factors that should be presented in the company presentation:

  1. Technological edge
  2. Significant market with preferably minimal competition
  3. Managerial experience and ability to quickly react to changing environment

Mature companies should emphasize different attributes. As it is good to have unique technology and significant expansion opportunities, company presentation for mature companies should present the followings:

  • Stable business environment
  • Financial factors (current cash, working capital etc)

The importance of management in investor presentation

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I fully agree with all that is written in the site regarding the key guidelines for investor presentation. Nevertheless I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the management in the investment decision making. A good investor presentation is important for the initial door opening but at the end of the day venture capital firms will invest in people – market – technology (in this order). In the long run you will find that your business plan didn’t fully materialized and the capability of the management to navigate the company properly is extremity important.

For summary – investor presentation is very important but don’t forget to emphasize the managerial abilities.

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