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Intro to investor presentation

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

With the increasing pace and competitiveness of business ventures, an effective investor presentation is one of the critical success factors in the fund raising process.
Presentations are both an art and a science as they are critical to getting the story in place and telling your vision. In today’s busy business environment, investors don’t have the time and focus to read lengthy business plans. In many cases it all comes down to a 10 or 20 slides deck that the entrepreneur gets to present to the busy investors or in some cases the investors would require the entrepreneur to send the slides deck for them to review ahead of time.
A presentation serves a very different purpose from a written business plan report – it is far more than just another vehicle for information. A presentation allows an audience to gain knowledge by watching, listening and being inspired by the presenter. Smart entrepreneurs and company managers would want to influence the way investors feel about a certain message with a careful mix of content and delivery. The investor presentation essentially becomes the doorway to the investor, the primary tool that gets the entrepreneur the first ability to articulate the message.